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Shelley and I Branson

Hello and thank you for stopping by. Here is a little bit about us.

We are from central Arkansas, but Mountain View was love at first site!  However it wasn’t exactly love at first sight for us as a couple.  We graduated high school together, but didn’t marry until 20+ years later!  (It’s a great story that Chris never tires of telling!)

We were married in a Bed & Breakfast, and that is where our dream of owning one ourselves was born.  Like most Innkeepers, we come to this profession from a varied past.

Christopher started his professional career as a Paramedic and eventually took that career off shore in the Oil Industry.  He also had a short stint as a Paralegal, but returned to the oil field where he still works as a Safety & Performance coach.  This has allowed him to travel the world.   He has worked teaching and coaching on leadership, work place safety, and team building in several west African countries, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia as well as several visits to Scotland for classes and training.  (Shelley was fortunate to accompany him for 2 of these Scotland trips).

After Shelley graduated with a degree in Medical Technology she worked in hospital laboratories.  But after 16 years she decided to make a major career change, and went to school to become a Massage Therapist. She has since put massage on the back burner and devotes all her time to innkeeping.

We each have a son from our previous marriages.  We now find ourselves in the “empty nest” stage…. Well, almost.  Our younger son, Morgan has just graduated high school and getting ready to join the army.  You are likely to run into other family members as well.  Our oldest niece, Hannah will be working at the Inn  during the summer.  Chris’s father is a bluegrass fanatic and is really the reason why we even stumbled upon the Wildflower.  Shelley is still trying to talk her Dad into joining us in Mountain View.  Her love of cooking grew from cooking for him after the death of her mother 8 years ago.  This task taught her good ole’ southern cooking!  And it also taught her how to cook for a crowd since the duties of holiday cooking passed to her.   And then there is more eclectic mix of family, such as Chris’s 2 moms!  (his birth mother and adopted mother- another great story!)  We have been truly blessed with wonderful family in our lives!

In 2014, we attended a Family Life Weekend to Remember that changed our lives. We love Family Life’s mission to help married couples stay together, so we wanted to come along side with our Inn to make Family Life resources available to our guests.

Mountain View is the perfect place for us.  Chris loves everything music while Shelley loves traditional crafts.  Running the Wildflower is also perfect for us.  Shelley loves to cook ( you’re sure to enjoy her homemade breads!) and Chris loves to manage.  But most of all, we love people!  We have enjoyed traveling, but realized that what we most enjoyed was the PEOPLE we met along the way.  We believe everyone has a story, and we would love to hear yours!

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