• Annual Dulcimer Jamboree

    Annual Dulcimer Jamboree at the Ozark Folk Center

    The Annual Dulcimer Jamboree is being held this coming weekend at the Ozark Folk Center here in lovely Mountain View, Arkansas. This event is one of the premier dulcimer events in the nation. Some of the biggest names in dulcimer playing will be on hand to provide up close instruction for students. They will also show off their amazing skills at the Ozark Folk Center auditorium each night during the jamboree.

    dulcimer jamboree

    The workshops are very student friendly with a laid back approach. Attendees can switch between classes to get the instruction that they want. The classes range from the newest beginner to advanced levels of playing. There is something for every mountain and hammered dulcimer player!

    dulcimer jamboree

    While there will be many talented dulcimer players leading the Dulcimer Jamboree workshop classes, I must give a shout out to two individuals who had the most influence on my playing. First, Ted Yoder is a You Tube dulcimer sensation. He not only plays some of the well known dulcimer tunes, but also takes classic rock and pop hits and transforms them into beautiful hammered dulcimer tunes. One of my favorite songs of all time is Dust in the Wind by Kansas. On his latest album, he covers this song beautifully with his hammered dulcimer style.

    The other amazing dulcimer player instructing at the Dulcimer Jamboree was my first instructor when I took the workshop last year. He was the new beginner’s instructor and will be again this year. Joe Jewell is one of the most amazing hammered dulcimer players as well as an amazing person. His patience and attention is exactly what new beginners need to be inspired to keep practicing.

    dulcimer jamboreeI am looking forward to seeing both of these gentlemen as well as the other dulcimer players. Bing Futch takes a mountain dulcimer and transforms it into a vehicle for singing the delta blues. Watching Rick Thum play the dulcimer is dizzying but immensely enjoyable (watch for his performance of “Orange Blossom Special).

    If you are even thinking about playing either the hammered dulcimer or the mountain dulcimer, this jamboree is a must-attend event. Check out the details page for more information.


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