• Annual Dulcimer Jamboree

    Annual Dulcimer Jamboree at the Ozark Folk Center

    The Annual Dulcimer Jamboree is being held this coming weekend at the Ozark Folk Center here in lovely Mountain View, Arkansas. This event is one of the premier dulcimer events in the nation. Some of the biggest names in dulcimer playing will be on hand to provide up close instruction for students. They will also show off their amazing skills at the Ozark Folk Center auditorium each night during the jamboree.

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  • Not Quite Roughing It Weekend

    The Not Quite Roughing It Weekend April 8 – 10

    If you want to experience nature on your own terms, then the Not Quite Roughing It Weekend is for you. Stay at a luxurious bed and breakfast, sleep in a comfortable bed with soft sheets, then wake up to a delicious gourmet breakfast before hitting the trails. After spending the day communing with nature and enjoying the spectacular scenery, come back to the Wildflower for some of the best pizza in Arkansas with live music entertainment.

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  • Dude Ranch Boot Store

    Dude Ranch Boot Store

    Walk into the Dude Ranch Boot Store and you will feel like you’ve walked back in time. Located on the south side of the Stone County Court Square, the Dude Ranch Boot Store has a huge variety of western wear. Decorated in rustic lodge decor, it looks and feels like a store you would encounter in Dodge City. You can’t miss the classic country music playing both inside and right outside the front door.

    Dude Ranch Boot Store

    The wide selection of cowboy and laced boots for both men and women are readily available to try on. Shelley and I were helped by Ms. Norma Woody. She specializes in not only footwear and headwear, but in that well-known Mountain View courtesy and hospitality. They not only have boots but high-quality shoes as well. Shelley found a perfect pair of slip-ons that were stylish and comfortable. I found several hats that look great on me. (I say that with a straight face…barely).

    Speaking of hats, they also have a great selection of cowboy hats, wool caps, and other stylish headwear. I actually did get a cowboy hat last year that (surprisingly) looks decent.

    20160201_140425If you know me, you know that I am not a hat wearer. My wife gets tired of me trying on hats everywhere just so she can shake her head “no” again and again. However, once in a blue moon, I do find a hat that doesn’t look bad. I just happened to find one here at the Dude Ranch Boot Store. Sorry, no picture available.  🙂

    One of the best things about the Dude Ranch Boot Store is that they are always getting new items. The owners always keep on top of the latest trends in footwear. They work hard to stock the best of classic 20160201_140619western styles as well.

    The Dude Ranch Boot Store is getting ready for an expansion, too! So they can keep serving their customers better, they just bought a huge storefront right next door. They will be able to offer many great deals and more variety. We are all looking forward to that.

    If you’re in Mountain View, stop by and take a look in the Dude Ranch Boot Store. I bet you’ll find something that looks great on you. Even if you are out of town, they have a great website and free shipping on orders over $99!

    The Wildflower Bed & Breakfast On the Square is just a short walk from the Dude Ranch Boot Store. 

  • Christmas in Mountain View

    Christmas in Mountain View

    Christmas in Mountain View, Arkansas is a very special time in the Ozark Mountains. All the musicians, crafts people, store owners, innkeepers, and other folks are winding down after a busy tourism season. Thanksgiving has been a time for wonderful fellowship with family and friends. It has also been a time to be thankful for all the folks who come to Mountain View during the year.

    Christmas in Mountain View

    After Thanksgiving, Mountain View comes alive again as the Christmas spirit revives tradition in crafts and song. The crafts people renew their vigor to make special home-made gifts. Musicians get their instruments in tune to sing classic Christmas songs. Innkeepers and merchants pull out the stops in decorating for the season. All of the towns folk work together to make Christmas in Mountain View a wonderful experience for our special guests.

    One event that you will not find anywhere else in the country is Caroling in the Caverns. The most talented musicians from Mountain View and abroad play and sing classic Christmas carols. The acoustics in Blanchard Springs Caverns provide a mesmerizing, awe-inspiring effect. This great family fun event will be sure to inspire wonderful Christmas feelings in any Scrooge. Check out Mountain View’s Chamber of Commerce page for details.

    Christmas in Mountain View

    On Saturday, December 5th, the Courthouse lighting ceremony will take place at the Stone County Courthouse (just a short walk from the Wildflower). To celebrate Christmas in Mountain View, a live nativity scene will take place as well as a Christmas parade. Santa will also drop by for a visit with the kids (and adults, too J). Live music will resonate from the Courthouse Square stage in a wonderful Christmas celebration.


    The Ozark Folk Center will host a Wassail reception with live music at the White Oak Theater on December 11th starting 5 pm. After the reception, follow your host over to the Skillet restaurant. A wonderful multi-course meal will be served with live musical entertainment between courses. A reception, a wonderful dinner, and all the live Christmas music you could ever ask for! For more information, go to the Christmas in the Ozarks page.

    This coming month is a great time to check out Christmas in Mountain View. Bring the whole family and experience a wonderful, Ozark mountain Christmas. You will leave with memories to last a life time.

    We hope to see you soon!



    The Wildflower Bed & Breakfast On the Square is a short walk from the Courthouse Square stage and less than a mile from the Ozark Folk Center. Check out the Caroling in the Caverns package deal, which includes a wonderful dinner. Book online or call (870) 269-4383 for information.



  • Caroling in the Caverns

    Caroling in the Caverns

    Caroling in the Caverns is one of Mountain View’s premier events. Wonderful singing in the perfect acoustical venue. 🙂

    Have you and your family every been to Blanchard Springs Caverns? This cave system is one of the most beautiful caves in the nation. Well-lit and easily navigated, it is also one of the nation’s most visited caves.

    Caroling in the Caverns

    The cave has been designed to provide easy access for people of all ages. An elevator takes “spelunkers” down to cave levels. A cemented walking path with handrails at key sections allows for people to take the guided tour without worry of getting lost. The cave is also equipped with wonderful lighting which was designed and placed by an opera lighting specialist. The lights illuminate the cave’s delightful designs made by the Master.

    Caroling in the Caverns

    During the holiday season, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce and Blanchard Springs Caverns put on the Caroling in the Caverns event. Highly talented, well-known musicians come to play and sing Christmas songs. The acoustical effects of the caves add a wondrous resonance to the already amazing performances.



    If you have been to Mountain View, you have probably seen performances by Pam Setser and some of the other featured musicians.  But you’ve never heard them like you can at their performance at Caroling in the Caverns. Check out this report above on YouTube. HGTV did a story about Mountain View being a Top Ten Christmas Town. Skip to 1:58 to hear all about Caroling in the Caverns. The acoustics are amazing!!

    Caroling in the Caverns

    Caroling in the Caverns will definitely get you and your family in the Christmas spirit. Mountain View is a wonderful holiday destination with great shops, friendly people, wonderful music, and great places to stay.

    Caroling in the Caverns 3

    Don’t miss this year’s Caroling in the Caverns. There are only 100 tickets available for each show, so grab your seats quickly! For the performance schedule and reserve tickets, go to the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce website.


    The Wildflower Bed & Breakfast on the Square is offering a great package deal for Caroling in the Caverns. Get two reserve seat tickets, a dinner out (up to $30), and a two night stay for $300 for a suite or $265 for a regular room. This also includes a delicious breakfast with a guest musician performing, afternoon snacks, and all the other amenities you love at the Wildflower. Call 870-269-4383 to reserve your package today!!

  • Fall Bluegrass Festival Mountain View

    Fall Bluegrass Festival Mountain View

    We are gearing up for a full house here at the Wildflower for the Fall Bluegrass Festival Mountain View. The groups on the schedule are some of the best bluegrass performers in the nation. There are great shows all three days at the Ozark Folk Center. Reserved seating tickets are available at www.mountainview-bluegrass.com. There’s also bound to be some great pickin’ at the Pickin’ Park as well as on porches around the court square in between performances.

    Fall Bluegrass Festival in Mountain View

    One of the groups called Nothin’ Fancy has been around for nearly 20 years. They have won several awards, including the “Entertaining Group of the Year” award from the Society for Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America (SPBGMA). The group has recorded 11 full length albums and has performed at many venues across the United States, Canada, and Norway. They are a definite do-not-miss band. Nothin’ Fancy will perform on Thursday at 6:45 pm and on Friday at 3:15 pm and 9:15 pm.

    Fall Bluegrass Festival in Mountain View

    Coming out of Texas is the Group Hickory Hill. Performing bluegrass music for over 35 years, this group has been an enduring ambassador for the bluegrass genre. They were named “Band of the Year” by the Arts and Entertainment Committee of East Texas in 1993. They have also been nominated for many other entertainment awards over the past 4 decades. Their music consists of original songs and songs adapted from other genres, as well as original and classic gospel songs. One of their endearing qualities to audiences nationwide is the variety of arrangements in their music sets. Hickory Hill will definitely be one of the hits of the Fall Bluegrass Festival Mountain View this year. They will perform on Friday at noon then again at 7:30 pm. On Saturday, they will take the stage at 12:45 pm and 7:30 pm.

    Fall Bluegrass Festival in Mountain View

    For high energy bluegrass that on the cutting edge, check out Jeff Scroggins and Colorado. The mandolin and banjo players bring energy to the stage that is amazing to watch and delightful to hear. They are no slouch on the vocals either. Their distinctive sound is a pleasant departure from the normal bluegrass sound. Be sure and look for them in the Pickin’ Park as well as they are known to frequent local jam sites for some impromptu jams. Jeff Scroggins and Colorado will perform all three days. On Thursday, they will finish out the show at 9:15 pm. On Friday, they will take the stage at 2:30 pm and 6:45 pm. They will perform twice on Saturday as well, starting out the day at noon, then playing again at 8:30 pm.

    Fall Bluegrass Festival in Mountain View

    Junior Sisk and Ramblers Choice are the show closers for the Saturday matinee and the Saturday evening show. This headlining act is at the top of the bluegrass genre. They have been nominated for many awards from the International Bluegrass Society (IBMA) and the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America (SPBGMA). They also won album of the year with their latest record “Heart of a Song”. With amazing lead vocals from Junior Sisk and the backing of top notch musicians, it is no wonder that Junior Sisk and Ramblers Choice were the choice for the finishing act. They close out the matinee show at 3:25 pm and also finish up the Fall Bluegrass Festival Mountain View on Saturday night at 9:15 pm.

    Other performers include Dueling Hearts, The Hartley Family, Volume Five, and Catahoula Drive.

    This year’s Fall Bluegrass Festival Mountain View is on deck to be a great experience for bluegrass lovers. Even if bluegrass music is not your thing, nothing beats great musicians playing live.

    Next year’s Spring Bluegrass Festival is scheduled for March 10-12. It also has some amazing bluegrass performers scheduled, such as Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers, Cedar Hill, Flatt Lonesome, the Cobb Brothers, and many more.

    The Fall Bluegrass Festival Mountain View is a great example of how Mountain View, Arkansas continues to be the best destination for great live music.



    The Wildflower Bed & Breakfast on the Square is located less than a mile from the Ozark Folk Center, which hosts both the Fall and Spring Bluegrass Festivals. Ticket concierge is available for guests of the Wildflower. Book online or call (870) 269-4383 for further information.

  • Beanfest 2015

    Beanfest 2015

    Beanfest 2015 was hampered quite a bit by the weather. The forecast calling for stormy weather seemed to scare off some folks. Those that came did get a little wet on Friday night. Saturday morning saw a good storm blow through. The Artisan Market suffered the worst with tents being blown down and wares damaged. It was difficult to keep barricades and signs from being blown over. The bean cookers had a hard time keeping their fires going.

    Beanfest 2015

    However, there was great music and great food and great fun. The weather cleared out before noon. The Outhouse Parade and Races went on as scheduled. Beans and cornbread were served (free as always) to a hungry crowd. The skies were still cloudy in the afternoon, but the crowds grew. Shelley made our guests some awesome beans and cornbread here at the Wildflower. Chief’s Kettle Corn set up by the Music Store and served amazing, fresh made kettle corn.

    And the music played on for Beanfest 2015. A fiddle player who played with Alan Jackson wowed the crowd in front of the music store with some amazing fiddling. A group on other porch of the Mountain View Music Store had a dulcimer player, bass, guitar, and at times a banjo and mandolin player. The lady playing the hammered dulcimer played from morning until late at night and was absolutely amazing. Even though the rain prevented some groups from playing in front of the court house, several groups hung around and played at the Pickin’ Park.

    Beanfest 2015

    We had some jammin’ of our own here at the Wildflower. JC Bonds came and played Friday morning. His guitar playing and story-telling were delightful to all of our guests. His appearance was extra special to our long time guests who have known JC for decades. Unkle Dave and Bill Nesbitt came Saturday morning for some guitar and mandolin picking and singing. Unkle Dave stayed around for “just one more” for a couple of hours after breakfast, playing and singing in our parlor.

    Beanfest 2015

    My long-time good friend Barry Napier stopped by with some friends Saturday evening for a jam on the porch. Crystal and Daryl were walking by and stopped in to watch. After learning that they sang as well as played the fiddle and the guitar, we invited them to join in! Our guests sat on the porch and listened to some great folk and country music… and an occasional silly story.

    The best part of the weekend was just having our wonderful guests. Even though the weekend was not all that it could have been, they all seemed to have a wonderful time. Several of them have been coming here for 30 years! They were very complimentary about the improvements of the mattresses, the new Comphy sheets, and the great breakfasts that Shelley cooked. They all said that they had a great time and rebooked for next year.

    Beanfest 2015

    I also liked wearing my Mountain View tuxedo with Shelley in her Mountain View ball gown.  🙂

    All in all, Beanfest 2015 was wonderful for us. Despite the weather and the difficulties our Wildflower guests and our guest performers were great. They made the weekend one that we will always remember very fondly.

  • Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!!

    Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!!

    When people look at booking a place to stay, they are all about reviews, reviews, reviews. Shelley and I are the same when we travel. We want to know what other people are saying about the places we stay. A large part of our travel decisions come from reviews. That goes for our buying decisions as well.


    I used to not be a big review person. I guess I was sort of a review hypocrite. I got the benefits of reviewing the reviews, but I never left a review. My perspective has changed, especially since I now own an inn. Feedback is very important to a business owner and good reviews are important to sustainability. That is why we ask a lot of our guests to complete our survey and leave us a review on TripAdvisor, BedandBreakfast.com, Google, or our Facebook page. 

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  • Off the Beaten Path

    Off the Beaten Path — Artist Home Studio Tour

    Mountain View and the surrounding areas are not just an Off the Beaten Path destination for great music. Many talented artists reside in the communities and towns in Stone County. The mountain atmosphere and the outlying locations give these amazing artists the solitude and serenity to fuel their creativity.

    This coming weekend on September 18th, 19th, and 20th, people from all around the state and outward will venture into Stone County to for this aptly named Off the Beaten Path studio tour. A typical studio tour is a short walk down a crowded street to each urban studio. What makes this studio tour unique is that the studios are actually in the artist’s homes.

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