• Beanfest 2015

    Beanfest 2015

    Beanfest 2015 was hampered quite a bit by the weather. The forecast calling for stormy weather seemed to scare off some folks. Those that came did get a little wet on Friday night. Saturday morning saw a good storm blow through. The Artisan Market suffered the worst with tents being blown down and wares damaged. It was difficult to keep barricades and signs from being blown over. The bean cookers had a hard time keeping their fires going.

    Beanfest 2015

    However, there was great music and great food and great fun. The weather cleared out before noon. The Outhouse Parade and Races went on as scheduled. Beans and cornbread were served (free as always) to a hungry crowd. The skies were still cloudy in the afternoon, but the crowds grew. Shelley made our guests some awesome beans and cornbread here at the Wildflower. Chief’s Kettle Corn set up by the Music Store and served amazing, fresh made kettle corn.

    And the music played on for Beanfest 2015. A fiddle player who played with Alan Jackson wowed the crowd in front of the music store with some amazing fiddling. A group on other porch of the Mountain View Music Store had a dulcimer player, bass, guitar, and at times a banjo and mandolin player. The lady playing the hammered dulcimer played from morning until late at night and was absolutely amazing. Even though the rain prevented some groups from playing in front of the court house, several groups hung around and played at the Pickin’ Park.

    Beanfest 2015

    We had some jammin’ of our own here at the Wildflower. JC Bonds came and played Friday morning. His guitar playing and story-telling were delightful to all of our guests. His appearance was extra special to our long time guests who have known JC for decades. Unkle Dave and Bill Nesbitt came Saturday morning for some guitar and mandolin picking and singing. Unkle Dave stayed around for “just one more” for a couple of hours after breakfast, playing and singing in our parlor.

    Beanfest 2015

    My long-time good friend Barry Napier stopped by with some friends Saturday evening for a jam on the porch. Crystal and Daryl were walking by and stopped in to watch. After learning that they sang as well as played the fiddle and the guitar, we invited them to join in! Our guests sat on the porch and listened to some great folk and country music… and an occasional silly story.

    The best part of the weekend was just having our wonderful guests. Even though the weekend was not all that it could have been, they all seemed to have a wonderful time. Several of them have been coming here for 30 years! They were very complimentary about the improvements of the mattresses, the new Comphy sheets, and the great breakfasts that Shelley cooked. They all said that they had a great time and rebooked for next year.

    Beanfest 2015

    I also liked wearing my Mountain View tuxedo with Shelley in her Mountain View ball gown.  🙂

    All in all, Beanfest 2015 was wonderful for us. Despite the weather and the difficulties our Wildflower guests and our guest performers were great. They made the weekend one that we will always remember very fondly.


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      Jean Peeples
      November 6, 2015 at 9:42 pm

      You summed it up quite well, Chris. Bill and I (one of the 30-year couples) enjoyed ourselves immensley. We loved the music at breakfast and on the porch, the changes made in the building and love you and Shelley as our new hosts.

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