• Off the Beaten Path

    Off the Beaten Path — Artist Home Studio Tour Mountain View and the surrounding areas are not just an Off the Beaten Path destination for great music. Many talented artists reside in the communities and towns in Stone County. The mountain atmosphere and the outlying locations give these amazing artists the solitude and serenity to […]

  • Not Your Typical Mountain View Music

    Not Your Typical Mountain View Music Live folk music is considered your typical Mountain View music fare. Many talented musicians, young and old, develop their talents in keeping these folk traditions alive. However, many of these same musicians have a thirst for more. In a previous blog post 5 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know […]

  • Game of Thrones (and other decor updates)

    Game of Thrones (and other décor updates) Choosing a toilet is like sifting through the characters in Game of Thrones. (There are many metaphors you can make here, choose your own). As a new innkeeper, I knew that I would have to replace one eventually. While this thought occurred from time to time, it wasn’t […]

  • Grandpa Jones Weekend

    Grandpa Jones Weekend Grandpa Jones was a banjo-picking icon on the show Hee Haw for many years. His claw-hammer style of playing was reminiscent of mountain folk music. One of his most love songs was “Mountain Dew“. He was not only loved just for his banjo playing and his unique one foot stepping to keep […]

  • Into the Next Generation

    Into the Next Generation We had another wonderful week at the Wildflower. Several of the best hammered dulcimer players in the country came to the Ozark Folk Center for the hammered dulcimer workshop. I have always loved this instrument, so I bought a Masterworks dulcimer from the McSpadden Dulcimer shop here in Mountain View and […]

  • The First Remodel

    Making it ours–First Remodel Even though we liked our bed and breakfast the way it was, we knew we wanted to make some changes. Instead of doing some things slowly, we decided to jump in feet first! First impressions are very important. We wanted our guests to be impressed as soon as they walked in […]