• A New Life in Mountain View

    A New Life in Mountain View

    I just returned home from a weekend spent at the Wildflower doing my first training with Pam (the current owner).  I have such a mix of emotions swirling through my head.  A little bit nervous, very excited, but mostly extremely grateful.

    God has led us into something so wonderful; it’s hard to describe, but I’ll try.  

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  • Push Mountain-A Rider’s Dream


    Push Mountain — A Rider’s Dream

    Many years ago, me and a couple of friends rode our motorcycles out to Deal’s Gap, and the Tail of the Dragon. This stretch of road cuts through the Great Smoky Mountains from North Caroline into Tennessee. The uninterrupted roadway with 318 curves in 11 miles was a spectacular ride.  We also rode the Cherohala Skyway, a breathtaking scenic ride up to 5400 feet. The entire trip was absolutely fantastic. (That’s me on the vision in the back).

    Push Mountain
    Photo by Killboy.com

    After coming home, I thought, “Well, that was great. I guess it will be a while before I can ride like that again.” It was a little depressing–maybe even a little pathetic. I slowly recovered with the loving and understanding intervention of my sympathetic wife. It’s amazing how some fantastic cooking can get you through anything.

    Not too long after that, my same two friends started talking about this ride in the northern part of Arkansas called Push Mountain.

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  • Blanchard Springs Caverns

    Blanchard Springs Caverns


    Shelley and I decided to take my (biological) mother and my uncle to Mountain View for some of the Mountain View experience. We had a good night’s sleep at the Wildflower  (our future home). The next day, we decided to visit Blanchard Springs Caverns. Shelley and I had been there before, but it was a first for Mom and Uncle Dave. The rangers we met there (Kevin, Paul, and Dale) were super-friendly and very informative. After watching a very interesting, but severely outdated film on the history of Blanchard Springs,

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  • What’s for Breakfast?

    One of the reasons why we thought owning a bed and breakfast would be a good fit for us is that I LOVE to cook.  I love the joy it brings to people.  So the “breakfast” portion of this venture is a pretty big deal to me.  I want our breakfast to be great!  I want it to be something our guests look forward to and return for.  No pressure!

    So I have spent the last several months scouring every source out there for the best breakfast recipes.  I tried recipe after recipe on my more than accommodating family.  I haven’t cooked much lunch or dinner in months; all my efforts have gone into breakfast!   I have finally narrowed it down to some favorites and have even gotten my favorite biscuit recipe selected!   Now it’s time to call in other opinions besides family. (I’m not sure my stepson is 100% confident to tell me if something is bad! Haha) 

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  • We are SO Excited! First Post from The Wildflower B&B

    Welcome to the first post of the The Wildflower B&B Blog!

    Shelley and I are so excited to be the up and coming new owners of the Wildflower Bed & Breakfast on the Square. It has been a dream of ours since we were first married at a B & B five years ago. We never imagined that our dream would come true in such a short time! Our vision was to become innkeepers after we retired, many years down the road. But God had other plans for us.

    We just happened to be in Mountain View for Beanfest with my father. As we were waiting on the shuttle to return to he Ozark Folk Center,

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