At the Wildflower, we believe that breakfast is big part of your Bed & Breakfast experience and feeding guests is a natural part of southern hospitality!  You might want to put your diet plans on hold for a few days because you won’t leave the table hungry here!  We serve a variety of made-from-scratch southern specialties.  The menu and serving style will change from day to day so you are sure to experience a  good variety.

On busy weekends, we serve breakfast buffet style, but on days with fewer guests, breakfast might be service style.  Breakfast is served at 8:30 with exceptions at times when guests have an early class or appointment.  Wake up to our Community brand coffee brewed and ready by 6:30 for the early risers out there.

Breakfast will always start with a fruit course.  Shelley likes to get a little creative with this, so don’t expect the same thing every day.  We love to use the best in-season fruit.  The local blueberries, blackberries, and peaches are amazing!  Some of our most popular fruit dishes are:  berries or spiced peaches with homemade yogurt cream, fruit salad with honey citrus syrup,  blueberry parfaits, pina colada parfaits,  breakfast banana splits, blueberry yogurt crème brulee, broiled grapefruit, and honey baked pears with yogurt.

wildflower breakfast

Saturday mornings usually feature our big country buffet.  Offerings include: Shelley’s made from scratch Buttermilk Biscuits,  never-from-a-mix sausage gravy, chocolate gravy, cheesy baked eggs, and crispy bacon.  Sunday mornings are usually pancake day with made from scratch Buttermilk Pancakes with homemade blueberry syrup and homemade peanut butter syrup (along with the regular), an egg casserole dish, and our favorite sausage links.  Other days will include a variety of other dishes; Shelley is always on the hunt for new delicious recipes! And we always use local farm fresh eggs.

Don’t forget the afternoon snacks!  Each afternoon Shelley will put out some home baked goodies.  It might be one of her great cookies like Amish Sugar Cookies, Brownie White Chocolate cookies, or Dishpan cookies or a sweat bread like her specialty- Chocolate Banana Bread.

We really want to make sure that everyone is happy and we understand that these days, many people suffer from food allergies, or have other food restrictions.  We try to make a point to always ask; but please let us know ahead of time if you need special consideration.  Shelley is getting good at accommodating all sorts of dietary needs.  We also want people to let us know if there is something that they simply just don’t like.  If we know ahead of time, it is often easy to make some adjustments to help everyone have a good breakfast experience.  While we don’t offer a cook-to-order breakfast, we do our best to accommodate.


By popular demand, Shelley finally gave in and published a collection of the recipes she uses at the Wildflower.  If you enjoy what you’ve eaten here, check out the cookbook so you can duplicate it at home!  Shelley is currently working on an updated version to include new recipes that she has been using since the first one was published.

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