• Caroling in the Caverns

    Caroling in the Caverns

    Caroling in the Caverns is one of Mountain View’s premier events. Wonderful singing in the perfect acoustical venue. 🙂

    Have you and your family every been to Blanchard Springs Caverns? This cave system is one of the most beautiful caves in the nation. Well-lit and easily navigated, it is also one of the nation’s most visited caves.

    Caroling in the Caverns

    The cave has been designed to provide easy access for people of all ages. An elevator takes “spelunkers” down to cave levels. A cemented walking path with handrails at key sections allows for people to take the guided tour without worry of getting lost. The cave is also equipped with wonderful lighting which was designed and placed by an opera lighting specialist. The lights illuminate the cave’s delightful designs made by the Master.

    Caroling in the Caverns

    During the holiday season, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce and Blanchard Springs Caverns put on the Caroling in the Caverns event. Highly talented, well-known musicians come to play and sing Christmas songs. The acoustical effects of the caves add a wondrous resonance to the already amazing performances.



    If you have been to Mountain View, you have probably seen performances by Pam Setser and some of the other featured musicians.  But you’ve never heard them like you can at their performance at Caroling in the Caverns. Check out this report above on YouTube. HGTV did a story about Mountain View being a Top Ten Christmas Town. Skip to 1:58 to hear all about Caroling in the Caverns. The acoustics are amazing!!

    Caroling in the Caverns

    Caroling in the Caverns will definitely get you and your family in the Christmas spirit. Mountain View is a wonderful holiday destination with great shops, friendly people, wonderful music, and great places to stay.

    Caroling in the Caverns 3

    Don’t miss this year’s Caroling in the Caverns. There are only 100 tickets available for each show, so grab your seats quickly! For the performance schedule and reserve tickets, go to the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce website.


    The Wildflower Bed & Breakfast on the Square is offering a great package deal for Caroling in the Caverns. Get two reserve seat tickets, a dinner out (up to $30), and a two night stay for $300 for a suite or $265 for a regular room. This also includes a delicious breakfast with a guest musician performing, afternoon snacks, and all the other amenities you love at the Wildflower. Call 870-269-4383 to reserve your package today!!