• Dog Boarding Facility Newly Added to Mtn View

    New Dog Boarding Facility provides needed service

    Here at the Wildflower Bed & Breakfast we get asked one question quite often: “Do you allow pets?”.  Sadly, we can not.  Then quests  often ask “Can you recommend a good place that does dog boarding?” We totally sympathize with how difficult it is to travel and leave your little loved one behind! If you have met our Rocket, then you know we love dogs!    Well, we now have a great answer for you!  Dog Boarding FacilityMountain View has a new dog boarding facility- Country Pet Playground.


    The owner, Karissa, stopped by the B&B one day to introduce herself and drop off some brochures.  I was instantly impressed with her and very hopeful that her dog boarding facility would be a good one.  She has worked as a veterinary technician for the past 10 years so I feel confident in her ability to handle any issues that might arise (especially with our Rocket who suffers with seizures).  She offers both boarding and daycare services so we decided to take Rocket for a day visit and let him see what he thought!

    As many of you know, a good dog boarding facility is hard to find!  I always hated to leave Rocket at a place where he would spend most, if not all, of his time in a crate or small kennel.  Country Pet Playground is designed for the dogs to be able to play and interact with one another.  It has both a large indoor area and a fenced in outdoor area complete with obstacles and play toys!  A great plus in my book!

    Rocket Takes a Visit

    We made the short drive from the B&B out to Karissa’s place.  It’s only 4.5 miles from the B&B and easy to find. (but do be aware that a short portion of the drive is on a dirt road.  Hard to get away from those dirt roads in Mountain View!)  Upon check-in, I was further impressed with her professional operation.  As part of the check-in procedure, she gives you a page of what she promises to do.  In addition to the expected things like feeding and administering medications, she also promises to interact with your pet at least 6 times a day and provide playtime and exercise up to 3 times and 6 hours each day!  Wow!  I have never seen anything like this!  I can’t tell you how good it felt to leave Rocket there knowing that he wouldn’t be shut up in a kennel and ignored all day!

    Dog Boarding Facility

    Rocket immediately made friends with another dog about his same size.  Karissa put a bigger, more rambunctious dog in a large kennel first before introducing them.  That showed me that she is careful about how she introduces the dogs to one another.  She also puts color coded collars on the dogs to easily tell neutered from non-neutered males so she can make decisions about which dogs get to interact with one another.  Understandably, they will spend some time in the kennel as other dogs come and go, but the kennels are very spacious.

    Rocket’s Report

    When we arrived to pick him up, she provided us with his personalized “report card” complete with picture.  How cute is that?!?  This is a complete report of his activity time, nap time, meals, etc. and included a personal note onhow/what he did for the day. (there may or may not have been some humping going on! Haha!) According to her scale of great- fair- poor, Rocket had a great day!  I think Rocket would agree.  When we got home, we had one tired pup!  He was worn out from his day of playing and making new friends.

    I cannot tell you how excited I am to have a dog Dog Boarding Facilityboarding facility of this caliber right here in Mountain View!  Since her grand opening in January, she has already gotten a lot of business.  I expect that her business will only grow and  she already has plans to add a second fenced in yard to accommodate the growing need.  I highly recommend Country Pet Playground and suggest you make your reservations early as I expect her to fill up quickly for the busy summer season.