• Dude Ranch Boot Store

    Dude Ranch Boot Store

    Walk into the Dude Ranch Boot Store and you will feel like you’ve walked back in time. Located on the south side of the Stone County Court Square, the Dude Ranch Boot Store has a huge variety of western wear. Decorated in rustic lodge decor, it looks and feels like a store you would encounter in Dodge City. You can’t miss the classic country music playing both inside and right outside the front door.

    Dude Ranch Boot Store

    The wide selection of cowboy and laced boots for both men and women are readily available to try on. Shelley and I were helped by Ms. Norma Woody. She specializes in not only footwear and headwear, but in that well-known Mountain View courtesy and hospitality. They not only have boots but high-quality shoes as well. Shelley found a perfect pair of slip-ons that were stylish and comfortable. I found several hats that look great on me. (I say that with a straight face…barely).

    Speaking of hats, they also have a great selection of cowboy hats, wool caps, and other stylish headwear. I actually did get a cowboy hat last year that (surprisingly) looks decent.

    20160201_140425If you know me, you know that I am not a hat wearer. My wife gets tired of me trying on hats everywhere just so she can shake her head “no” again and again. However, once in a blue moon, I do find a hat that doesn’t look bad. I just happened to find one here at the Dude Ranch Boot Store. Sorry, no picture available.  🙂

    One of the best things about the Dude Ranch Boot Store is that they are always getting new items. The owners always keep on top of the latest trends in footwear. They work hard to stock the best of classic 20160201_140619western styles as well.

    The Dude Ranch Boot Store is getting ready for an expansion, too! So they can keep serving their customers better, they just bought a huge storefront right next door. They will be able to offer many great deals and more variety. We are all looking forward to that.

    If you’re in Mountain View, stop by and take a look in the Dude Ranch Boot Store. I bet you’ll find something that looks great on you. Even if you are out of town, they have a great website and free shipping on orders over $99!

    The Wildflower Bed & Breakfast On the Square is just a short walk from the Dude Ranch Boot Store.